TRE Fibromyalgia Pain Insomnia

Healing Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain Naturally By Dr. Karen Kan MD

It doesn’t seem like it has been ten years since I was diagnosed with an “incurable” pain disorder, fibromyalgia.

As a physician, like so many of my colleagues, I was stressed, but I didn’t think for a moment that I would succumb to such a debilitating disorder. It was a humbling experience, mostly because I knew that the drugs and treatments available for chronic pain were inadequate and that most of my patients with this disorder became fully or partially disabled.

Being stubborn (and desperate), I quickly stopped the pain medication and anti-depressants I was taking to “treat” my condition. They were giving me side effects including insomnia and brain fog. Few of the drug based choices did anything for my pain symptoms, which made me feel like a 90 year old arthritic woman…

Simply put, there are two modes that your nervous system can be in: “stress” mode or “healing” mode. The healing mode is what I call Brain Balance. That occurs when the left and right sides of your brain are communicating well with each other and when your nervous system can be relaxed most of the time.

Unfortunately, for many of us, our nervous systems are stuck in “stress” mode and we don’t even know it. When you’re stuck in “stress” mode, your body can’t self-heal very efficiently. You can be eating 100% organic and doing yoga all day long, but if your brain is stuck in this mode, you’ll be spinning your wheels.

Our Chi-Chi’s Wellness Retreat programs combining healthy eating, Ozone therapy, TRE tension and trauma release exercises and some mind r-programming has put my fibromyalgia into remission! Ozone and TRE releases the constant flow of adrenalin flooding you body’s central nervous system. Excellent and the world’s only natural technique to do this.

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