Dearest Debi & Staff, The moment i started searching for a wellness retreat, i prayed to God to guide me to the right place….where the people guided me and where i will be given the space to just BE. I was lead to Chi-chi’s at Bellevue and my expectations were exceeded! Besides the lovely hearty meals, on-going support/follow-ups, spa treatments & organizing appointments for me, what i appreciated the most, the very most, is the space that i was granted to just BE myself, to hear myself (again) & to FEEL myself. The biggest gift someone can give anyone, the biggest gift you have given me, is the gift of opening up to “The Self” to one’s own possibilities & true abilities. My compass has lead me here, just like so many others yet to come. May you be blessed in sharing your gift with everyone else, and so allow and empower them to do the same. I salute you! Much love & Appreciation,
Hi Debbie I’m a 32 year old corporate climber, type A HR Manager – “The Retreat” was something i needed to help manage the daily stresses. I walk away with new techniques, tools & coping mechanisms. I went “raw”, plant based in sept’11 due to being ill with glandular fever and chronic fatigue – going “raw” was my last resort after doctors after doctors bills and i wasn’t getting better or managing on the medications – drugs was not the answer for me. It is one year later and i feel like I have got my life back. I feel energized, full of vitality and I’ve lost 8kg’s and keeping it off. My next part of my journey I’m on now is learning how to manage my emotions. I have a life coach and hope to be in a better place in a year where i can recognize and control the “inside”. Thank you for a relaxing experience.
Dear Debi, Thank you for going that extra mile…no…Million extra miles, in tailor-making these few days to suit the needs of my daughter and i. You truly made us feel special in catering for our vegan way of eating and lifestyle and producing very tasty, well-presented wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, exciting food! The pampering you provided in the spa was heavenly and your personal touch and care was amazing! Your passion in caring for other people’s needs shines like the North Star -guiding spirits & enriching people’s lives and helping them to grow. Even though our stay was short, we are returning home, revitalized, motivated – inspired to be the best we can be at present! God bless,
Elaine x
To my guardian angel Debi, The 4-6 days that I’ve been at the retreat, made me stronger on an emotional level and with decision making in my life. It was not always easy to drink the smoothies at first, but with someone like you supporting and encouraging me constantly next to my side, it was great and i learned to love it. Within the first 4 days, I’ve lost 3kg’s and 18cm’s and i feel like a new human being. I feel so great about myself and my new plans for the future. Thank you Debi for everything you did for me, you mean so much to me. Lots of love,
I.L (tranquility)
Dearest Debbie, I spend two weeks in the sleep clinic and was released after they could not do anything for me. After meeting your holistic psychologist Dr Rona, teaching me the art of meditation, hypnosis, the journey, lifestyle management, amongst other things. Ii have finally managed to sleep a full night again after only 4 nights checking into your retreat. I have my life back, after not being able to sleep a full night for months on one, suffering severe stress in my life, this situation negatively affected my work and relationships in every way, all i can say is THANK YOU, I’m truly grateful for the tools i have learned and can honestly say that the tranquility at your retreat had a much greater role to play in my healing process compare to when i was in a clinical environment. Forever grateful, Bless you and your excellent programs and doctors and therapist.
Anonymous (Pretoria)
Dear Debi I have been referred to you by my psychologist in Namibia, after one of her clients actually visited you with remarkable positive results. I really struggled to stop smoking and your very special holistic psychologist and EFT therapist really gave me the tools and techniques and most importantly, managed to shift a “mind shift” in my mind to successfully get me to stop smoking, i cannot thank you enough. Forever grateful. Thank you Debi,
Max (Namibia)
My dearest lively, energetic, radiant Debi, The time has come for me to return home and be at peace and apply my learning’s into my new life and to treasure what my heart, soul and mind has captured from your retreat. I have gained far more than what i had imagined, i have gained the most unique friendship in you and i love you very much! You have inspired and touched my heart in so many ways. Thank you for the awesome experiences, the incredible therapists, the breath-taking views, the peace and love that i have experienced because of you. Leaving now makes me feel sad but happy and the same time knowing that i have achieved my goal and set a whole new path in motion for myself. I look forward to seeing you soon again my gorgeous, gutsy, superstar friend, I love you!
Maria (returned again a year later)