We offer great benefits and further awareness

Through years of international research, stemming from our own individual healing journeys, the Chi-Chi’s team and the integrative medical doctors, psychologist and therapists, that we work with, have made it our mission to offer you a simple formula of the world’s best tools and techniques, products, research & information that really works holistically, to help balance your mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual health.

Detoxification is not just from what you consume on a daily basis, you need to be aware what information you feed/program your mind on a continuous basis, the company you keep, your environment, etc.

We offer great benefits and further awareness to already healthy and balanced individuals, just wanting to enjoy some relaxation and rejuvenation. Epic sportsmen and some of the Russian Olympic athletes training in the Stellenbosch area yearly, make use of our treatments, especially the Hocatt Ozone sauna therapy to enhance their performance.

You need to release the build up adrenalin stemming from continuous stress

The more stress you experience, the tighter the muscles in you back, neck, shoulders and rest of your body, which causes your spine to go out of alignment, followed by spasms in the neck, shoulders or lower back area, even sometimes causing pain in the hips and knees.

You need to release the build up adrenalin stemming from continuous stress into your central nervous system. If you don’t, you develop post traumatic stress symptoms, such as irritability, moodiness, insomnia, anxiety, feeling tired and overwhelmed, body aches and pains, low libido, weight gain, substance abuse, etc, etc. The central nervous system runs all along your spine. You also need to calm the continuous “chitter-chatter” from your left brain. A tense mind produces a tense body.

Our Chi-Chi’s MindSpa therapists works much deeper than the average spa

Our Chi-Chi’s MindSpa therapists works much deeper than the average spa, found on every corner, nowadays. We are famous for our unique best seller “De-stress massage package”, which offers you a lovely signature individualised full body massage, combining aromatherapy, deep tissue, swedish and a bit of hot stones. We then combine this massage with our chiropractic, far infrared massage bed, gently re-aligning your spine,  relaxing tense muscle spasm, whilst listening to alpha-theta visualisation, calming the mind and balancing the body’s natural energy system through it’s acupuncture moxibustion effect. (without the needles)

For the “Stress Buster package”, we add ozone therapy to the “De-stress massage package”, rejuvenating and energizing every cell and organ inside your body, which has a huge calming effect on the central nervous system, especially when you are feeling exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed.

This combination of these above mentioned treatments, guarantees profound physical AND mental relaxation, unlike any other spa can offer you, within a luxurious, beautiful environment.

We are passionate and excited to show you how to achieve balance

I wish that when I was a teenager or young adult that they would have made a wellness retreat program such as what we teach here, part of our basic school training. If I had learned early on in my life about various modalities how to release and manage my stress, trauma, anxiety, negative emotions and programming about myself and life around me, I would have had much better coping skills to cope with life’s challenges and empower myself to make better decisions to the highest good of all involved, every step of the way of this life journey.

Our main purpose is to stay “grounded”, every time a traumatic or challenging situation appears in our lives, to learn to “go with the flow of life”. Stress is the resistance to the flow of life happening to you. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you react and respond to it. If you can’t change a situation or an individual in your life, whom is stressing you out, you can only change yourself within. Learn to find the blessing and the lesson and you will cope better with the situation. Let us help you with that.

Come and learn at our monthly workshops and retreats

At our monthly workshops and retreats, come and learn about the importance of GMO foods, pesticides, hormone disruptors in your products you use on your skin, in your home, in your diet and environment, how to address  and manage the challenges of modern living, de-compress your stress levels, upgrade your “software” a.k.a. thought patterns about yourself and the world around you, to a way which will support, balance and “ground” you, on all levels again. Every physical disease has an unresolved hidden negative emotion behind it. We will look at epi-genetics, changing your DNA.

We offer you a formula to boost your immune system with an average of 37% within 20 days, proven by clinical trials. Long term stress and trauma crashes your immune system by directly negatively affecting your digestive system. Gut health is very important and is where all your happy hormones are produced, such as serotonin and dopamine and your sleeping hormone, melatonin.  Inflammation in the gut, is the root cause of most disease, if not kept happy and health.

We all agree, that we get born to eventually die again, in this life, there is no guarantees for anything, but you don’t have to suffer, feeling exhausted all the time, overwhelmed, filled with aches and pains. You CAN age gracefully, feeling energized and content with life on all levels.

The Chi-Chi’s team is passionate and excited to show you how to achieve balance

The Chi-Chi’s team is passionate and excited to show you how to achieve this balance, when attending our wellness retreat programs as day visitor, if you live in our area or you can overnight at any of our overnight facilities.

We do not prefer to book big groups at the same time as we love the one-on-one individual, quality time with our guests. We only book one or two or maximum 3 guests at the same time. In the past, we have often found that when we had big groups, people’s focus is too much on each other’s journeys and stories instead of using their time with us, for their own healing at all times.  See it as somewhat of a silent retreat, going within, something one never gets an opportunity for at home as part of the rat race. All answers and healing are found within.

Our programs are very popular amongst guests who are feeling overwhelmed by life, their situations, health, or feeling they are at a cross roads in their life, needing to take some serious decisions or just simply needing to reboot and maintain their health and inner peace. VIP’s from all over the world, such as politicians, executive corporate CEO’s and celebrities, requesting complete privacy and confidentiality of a private one-on-one retreat often enjoy our calm, private space.

All the answers are within you and you can only hear that inner voice and guidance for your life’s journey, once you detox on a mental, physical, emotional level. Often then, a spiritual awakening occurs, where people just feel more in tune with their higher self. YOU are the cure, we only teach you the awareness, tools & techniques and the rest is up to you to practice and implement these principles daily for the rest of your life, once you leave our retreat.

It’s up to you how sick and tired you are of being sick and tired

If you only add 10% what you learn here with us, that 10% awareness will grow at least by 10% every year and in 5 years time, you’ll be 50% better in your habits, lifestyle, ways and health. This is worst case scenario. It’s up to you how sick and tired you are of being sick and tired of your situation and fast track this process to the best of your ability. We guarantee that you will leave here on a much higher vibration and frequency and equipped to handle life in a much better way, once back home again.

There is without a doubt a very good place for chemical medication to manage and control serious medical conditions today, but most chemical medication serves as a plaster to manage your symptoms. Those chemical medication has a huge range of negative side effects and are toxic to the body. We can assist to help you find the root cause of your problems so you can find natural ways to cope with life with or without your chemical medication. You should always consult your medical doctor first.