Juicing at our Retreats

All our retreat guests, enjoys a juicing and smoothie eating program, whilst on retreat, formulated by the juicing guru of the world, Jason Vale, formulated by the best dieticians and nutritionists, offering you a balanced meal in each juice.

All our juices are cold-pressed and lovingly made by hand. You can rest assured that you will find no chemicals, flavourants, colourants, preservatives or added sugar in our juice – ever.

Juicing fruit and vegetables has become an important step for those in pursuit of a more healthy, nutritious and balanced lifestyle. Getting your daily 13 portions of fruit and veggies in, (according to latest research),  is almost impossible these days. So now you can enjoy it in the form of a delicious and fresh cold-pressed juice, which not only tastes good, but allows for better absorption of nutrients and minerals, as opposed to eating the whole fruits and veggies, whilst giving your gut a chance to heal any inflammation.

When you are on one of our 2 and 5 day retreat programs, it is very important to give your gut a chance to heal and for us to cleanse your colon, whilst we feed you 3 litres of these organic, non-GMO natural juices per day.  You will feel energized and it gives you optimum nutrition, whilst we detox your body on all levels. Our gut uses a lot of our energies for digestion purpose and almost everyone of us has some form of inflammation in our gut resulting from our toxic environments, foods and products we use daily. Did you know that you have a new gut lining every 5 days!?

Hunger is your body asking for nutrition. So we feed you the highest form of nutrition whilst on retreat with us. If you have any medical issues, please consult with your medical doctor before venturing on our retreats. It is of course your choice should you wish to add soups and salads to these juices and smoothies. We are flexible.

Cheers to good vibrant health!