Emotion Code Healing

What is emotion code healing?

Emotion Code. The Emotion Code that is presented by Charles, is a technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, and it works by using a unique technique to release trapped negative emotions from past traumas and emotional experiences in life, which got “stuck” in the body’s cellular memory and mind. Releasing trapped emotions of the past, ensures faster and easier healing physical, and emotionally. Every physical dis-ease or dis-comfort has a underlying, unreleased negative emotional “root cause” behind it.

What is emotional blockage?

Numb or suppressed emotions like anger, resentment, and guilt are dense emotions and block our daily energy flow in the body’s meridians affecting our physical health negatively having a direct affect on your cells and organs. A healthy emotional body vibrates and attracts light and healing, which is what raises conscious awareness mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. Random ‘Triggers’ can activate these undesirable feelings like irritability, anger, fear, hurt, sadness or anxiety etc. from past experiences that have been suppressed and individuals may develop post traumatic stress symptoms from this build up mentally and physically.

How do you heal emotionally?

In an Emotion Code session, one identify and start to release these negative emotions and replace it with positive programming. Rejection and emotional pain actually activates the same pathways in your brain as physical pain, which is one reason why it hurts so much. …manifesting often in the body as a physical pain of some sort.

Learn and re-program TRUE love, trust, respect and worthiness for SELF and that will attract others and situations of the same vibration. You will notice positive changes in your life start happening. You inner world, reflects your outer world.

The duration of the first Emotion Code Session last an average of two hours and follow up sessions will be less as the negative emotions start releasing. Note that Emotion Code Healing is not a quick fix, for your subconscious needs to work through the healing that took place and it’s a journey of life.

What will Emotion Code healing do for you?

“Charged” negative emotions results in you responding and acting in ways you often wouldn’t have. You can’t control what people do or say to you, but with emotional healing you can find healing within. Forgiveness is for SELF, not for others.

You will have less stress, feeling more tolerant towards yourself and others and situations around you. Baggage of the past won’t control you, take back your power. Enjoy more self esteem, feeling much more confidant, grounded and inner peace, putting down boundaries, after experiencing Emotion Code Healing.