Acupressure Points Massage

Acupressure and Ear reflexology

Learn about the many benefits of acupressure you can experience.

Heal faster. When stimulated, acupressure points will relieve tense muscles, encourage blood circulation, and prompt your body to release energy for healing. …

Relieve or reduce pain. …

Reduce wrinkles. …

Relaxes your body and brain. …

Reduces need for pain medicine.

By applying pressure to specific points of the body, practitioners manipulate the flow of chi (qi) energy in the patient. Acupressure points — or acupoints — are locations on the body where chi may become congested or completely blocked. Acupressure massage is a natural holistic technique to address blockages that may be causing additional health problems.

Different types of points

When a therapist is using the acupressure massage technique, they target either local points or trigger points. What is the difference between these two types of points? Local points are the actual spots on the body where the patient is experiencing pain or discomfort. Trigger points are those that are connected to the points of the body experiencing pain or discomfort. These two types of points the practitioner multiple avenues from to approach a patient’s problem, a benefit of the practice.

The points used in acupressure massage exist among a network or meridians, which are basically the highways on which chi flows throughout the body. Sometimes pressure is needed at these points to clear up blockages and help ensure a healthy, balanced and harmonious flow of energy through the meridians.

Commonly used points

The points and meridians constitutes an extensive network throughout the body. Therapists use their knowledge of this network to address specific disorders and diseases in patients. One point, for example, called the Gallbladder Channel (GB20, Fengchi) exists at the base of the skull where the neck joins the back. Applying pressure there can help with a variety of ailments, from the common cold to high blood pressure. The Kidney Channel (KI3, Taixi) sits just behind the inner ankle. It is used to treat issues ranging from asthma to lower back pain.

There are 14 main channels. Acupressure may be used alongside other styles of massage therapy or as a complement to another holistic treatment, such as chiropractic care.

The benefits of acupressure

Along with its ability to help treat variety of ailments, patients experience additional benefits of acupressure massage. It’s a deeply relaxing experience and — like other types of massage — can help with:

  • Relieving stress, tension and anxiety
  • Improving sleep
  • Relaxing muscles and joints
  • Soothing the pain and discomfort of a sports or other injury
  • Reducing digestive issues
  • Minimizing headaches
  • Alleviating chronic pain

The therapy stimulates the body’s circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. It also helps the function of the immune system and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Ear Reflexology

Reflexologists believe that the ear mirror the body. All organs, systems and glands of the body are mapped onto areas of the ear. When applying pressure to the reflexes the corresponding organ in the body is stimulated via electrical impulses within the nervous system or chemical messengers, such as hormones, unblocking congestions, waking up the organs and stimulating healing.

As it is a non-invasive therapy, Reflexology is beneficial for almost anyone, whatever their age or state of health. From the elderly who may have arthritic and mobility difficulties, to babies with colic, and for varied acute and chronic conditions in adults and children

We get chi energy from the food we eat and the air that we breathe. To ensure that we have enough chi energy to sustain and maintain a healthy body we need to ensure that we eat healthily and practice healthy lifestyle habits. By eating badly, not exercising or living an unhealthy lifestyle we deplete our chi energy, starve our vital organs of this life energy and allow for disease to set in.

How will Therapeutic Reflexology together with Meridian Therapy help you?

A trained reflexologist is able to pin point clues manifesting along the meridian, or notice symptoms of illness indicating congestion within the meridians. These could include an external manifestation along a meridian line such as eczema, warts, nail or toe nail conditions, or illness such as arthritis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, just to mention a few.

Through reflexology and meridian therapy, the main meridians which are found on our ear, those that run through the six most vital organs in our bodies, are stimulated, encouraging the movement of congestions within the meridians, stimulating healing and balance within our bodies, and allowing for the free flow of chi energy once again.

If you feel that you are constantly being burdened with aches and pains contact me and let’s see if we can pin point where your weaknesses lie!

Stories of a patient using ear reflexology:

“Rosanna showed me where to work on my ears to reduce the nausea during chemotherapy. Ear reflexology was amazing; it reduced the nausea by about 90% so I could get on with my daily life more easily.” – Sheila, breast cancer patient

“I have been attending regular reflexology with Rosanna for the last eight years. She came highly recommended and rightly so. As a singer I found the ear reflexology essential. It really helped reduce the tension and fatigue in the larynx during busy periods. It was so well explained and easy to self administer.” – Sarah, London

“I met Rosanna when I became pregnant with my first son in 2001. She guided me through my pregnancy with weekly visits and I experienced a really good first pregnancy, no morning sickness, no cravings, no backache and a general feeling of wellbeing. Achieving my second pregnancy however was a different story. In fact, I credit Rosanna and ear reflexology to actually getting my second son. We had been trying for a second baby for almost a year, when I decided to visit Rosanna for a rebalancing session and whilst there discussed my frustrations in not being able to conceive again. After a wonderful foot session, Rosanna introduced me to ear reflexology and in particular the areas believed to represent the organs of reproduction and hormone stimulation. After practising exactly where I was advised to apply pressure and with instructions to alternate the ears each time and to do this twice a day, I left feeling thoroughly refreshed, a feeling that I always have after a session. And so began my morning and evening ritual of ear reflexology – and may be it was coincidence or may be it wasn’t but within the month I became pregnant with my second son. I continued to see Rosanna throughout that pregnancy too and delivered with ease a 7.5lb baby boy nine months later. I am a firm believer in reflexology and in my case, ear reflexology helped me to conceive and I have recommended Rosanna to other friends who have experienced similar frustrations. – Kate, Sussex