We offer you a certified and qualified Spa, Beauty & Wellness Retreat training centre, where we educate and uplift locals to work in the spa & beauty & wellness industry.

This training centre is based at our Stellenbosch branch but we also offer travelling training programs, where we travel to your lodge or hotel and train staff on-site. 

Chichis Wellness Retreat & Spa Training certification includes the following subjects: 

  • Luxury facial & body products & techniques training eg. Scrubs, wraps.
  • Various unique massage techniques, eg cupping, reflexology, Swedish, aroma, sports, using wooden dumbels, hot stones, bamboo, etc.
  • Various waxing/hair removal methods
  • Brow shaping
  • Basic mani & pedi
  • Energy healing techniques
  • How to protect the therapist’s energy field from burnout
  • Stress relieve techniques for therapist & clients
  • Mindfullness meditation & breathing techniques for therapist & clients
  • Alpha Theta visualisations
  • Negative emotional release therapy for therapist & clients
  • Nutritional training to boost the immune system with 36% in 20 days!
  • Optional: chiropractic spine alignment with far infrared & ozone & rife therapy, colon hydrotherapy, life blood analysis.
  • Lots of other new training and developments to follow..please enquire.

Each training course is unique in cost and timing, depending on the setup of spa consultancy or franchise model and amount of employees to be trained. Please call us or e-mail debi@chichisretreats.com for more information.