Chi-Chi’s Best Seller “De-Stress Massage” package 90min – R650

Very popular for couples or best friends booked at the same time for a SPECIAL discounted price of R600 p.p.

A 45min full body massage combining all techniques to suit individual needs, such as swedish, deep tissue, hot stones, aromatherapy, reflexology, cupping, energy balancing and breathing techniques. We combine this massage with a 45min gentle chiropractic spine alignment massage bed session, using far infra-red to relax muscle spasm in the neck, shoulders & back, whilst listening to alpha/theta visualisation, to calm a busy mind. This combination guarantees profound mental & physical relaxation! (excellent for stress relieve, golfers, muscle spasms, menstrual pain)

Chi-Chi’s Super Healing Destress Package:
Add a 30min OZONE sauna therapy to above De-Stress Massage Package for an additional R350 per person

Couples Special Celebration Package 2.5hrs – R1500

  • 30min romantic candle-lit mineral spa bath with champagne & snacks
  • Our 90min de-stress massage package
  • Labyrinth meditative walk & relaxation at our pool (weather permitting)
Optional add on:
  • overnight accommodation & breakfast, dinner & lunch (price on request - depending on season)
  • ASK about our AMAZING libido enhancement natural supplementation and therapies guaranteed to put the sparkle back into your relationship

Full Day Goddess 7hrs – R2250

  • Arrival drinks, meditation & Labyrinth walk
  • Full body scrub
  • Mineral Spa Bath soak
  • Full body massage
  • Facial of choice
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Waxing of choice
  • Snacks & drinks throughout treatments
  • A light lunch & drinks at 1pm at the pool

(when 2 guests book at the same time, enjoy a special rate of R2000 p.p.)

Half Day Goddess 3hrs – R1350

  • Arrival drinks, meditation & labyrinth walk
  • Full body massage
  • Facial
  • Mani or pedicure
  • Drinks & snacks
(when 2 guests book at the same time, enjoy a special rate of R1150 p.p.)

Ultimate Maintenance Package 4hrs – R1500 p.p

  • Arrival drinks, snacks, meditation & labyrinth walk
  • Full body massage
  • Facial of choice
  • Manicure of choice
  • Pedicure of choice
  • Waxing of choice
  • Drinks & snacks

Add Ons to treatments & packages: p.p.

  • alpha/theta visualisations to calm the mind                            - FREE
  • labyrinth meditative walk & relaxation at our pool- FREE
  • Back scrubR50
  • Full body scrub R150
  • Hydrating hair oil and heated mask R100
  • Medi-heel foot treatment – removing hard & rough skins        R100
  • Relaxing mineral spa bath with snacks (1 guest per bath) R250
    Relaxing mineral spa bath with snacks (2 guests in same bath) R400

Healing Therapies

You may add these to your spa treatments for a deeper, healing experience
  • Ozone sauna/steam therapy 30min - R350
  • TRE tension & trauma & anxiety release session R350
  • Negative Emotional Release Therapy 1hr - R350, 2hrs - R500
  • Individualized yoga session (for 1 or 2 guests at same time) R350
  • Colon hydrotherapy (do it yourself new system) R350
  • Live & dry blood analysis R350
  • Chakra & energy balancing session R500
  • Acupressure meridian clearance & balance massage with ear
    Acupuncture and individualized yoga session 2hrs30min - R650
  • Overnight accommodation (seasonal rates & specials) Ask!
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner options available from R100 p.p.
  • Juices & superfood smoothie lifestyle boxesPrice on request
  • Supplements to boost your immune system by 37% in 20days!
    (world’s best -made from pure organic non GMO foods, amino acids, Minerals, carotenoids, omegas and grain oils) From R680
  • Men’s & women health libido boosting supplements R300

Make up and hair can be arranged upon request. Chi-chi’s gift vouchers are very popular. For specials, visit our facebook page.