This is a franchise opportunity offering the following:

  • Our Spa and wellness retreat program concept is unique and unlike to any other in the market with guaranteed satisfaction every time a guests visits.
  • We have designed the formula to gain maximum income against minimum expense and the profit margin is far great than any other spa and wellness concept currently available internationally.
  • We offer deep emotional, physical, mental, energetic & spiritual healing to yourself and your guests.
  • Our formula stems from researching the world’s best tools & techniques & nutritional products that will assist guests to find their BALANCE again, or just empowering and enhancing their already healthy lifestyle.
  • Prevention is much easier than curing disease.
  • Lifestyle related induced disease is an epidemic these days and statistics shows that people opt more and more for wellness holidays for deeper stress relieve compared to before.
  • Ideal for a corporate in-house set-up, guesthouses, hotels, resorts, private medical day care and overnight facilities, hospitals, clinics and  private VIP homes, lifestyle estates. Even malls can benefit from this calming concept!
  • It will be of added benefit if you as potential franchisee owner has a special interest in assisting others to find healing on any level.
  • This Chi-Chi’s concept and formula ensure a huge turnover of repeat business, besides peaking the interest of new clients when compared to all the same spa concepts currently available in the market.
  • “Chi” means renewed energy on all levels
  • The “MindSpa” name often tweak clients interest to call and hear what we are all about and as we are so passionate about our business formula when we explain how it works, it 99% of the time, always convert an enquiry over the phone to a booking within the first minute of explanation of why we are so different and why a client should book with us.

We have 3 different options you can choose from


Chi-Chi's Corporate De-Stress Spa


Chi-Chi's Wellness Retreat & Mindspa


Chi-Chi's Couples Spa