Two Day Superduper Detox, Stress & Inner Peace Wellness Retreat Program

R4950 for this program as day visitor and when 2 guests book together, enjoy a discounted rate of R4000 per person.

Including overnight accommodation: R6500 single and when 2 share, it will be discounted at R5000 each, at our Stellenbosch winefarm retreat:

  • 1x Life blood analysis
  • 2 day alkalizing veggie & fruit juices & superfood smoothies to boost immune system, give the gut a healing break & cleanse the colon
  • 1x colon hydrotherapy/cleanse (new self-help system)
  • Supplements & variety of herbal teas
  • 2x chiropractic electronic massage with acupressure & far-infrared & visualization to re-align, balance energy, relax & de-stress tension in the back,neck & shoulders
  • 2x energy balancing body massages
  • 2x hocatt ozone sauna capsule for rejuvenation, detox & super charge
  • 2x TRE tension, trauma & anxiety releasing exercise sessions for stress release
  • 2x EFT negative emotional release tapping sessions
  • Daily rebounder medical trampoline
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Evening movie –listen to the world’s nr1 motivational speaker for a positive mindset (only when you overnight with us)
  • Also available in a 5 day and more option, please enquire.