1 day wellness package

1-Day Stress Buster & Immune Booster Retreat

For anyone feeling burned out, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, sick, & tired, come blow off steam with us, even if it’s just for one day, we promise we can make you feel better!

  • Hot and cold hydrotherapy boosting all the happy hormones serotonin, oxytocin, tryptophan, dopamine by 200-400% -bring your bathing suit & pool towel
  • TRE tension, trauma & anxiety release & stress management techniques to move from an overwhelmed Beta state of mind/ fight/flight into Alpha/theta rest & restore mode
  • Breathwork & visualisations & re-programming of sub-conscious mind techniques
  • Experience the calming power of a sound healing in combo with your massage
  • Supplements, nutrition talk how to boost your immune system by 37% within 20 days with tasters.
  • Ozone & far-infrared sauna therapy for detox, achy/tired body, improved mental & physical wellbeing
  • Live blood analysis, blood pressure, blood sugar, alkaline/acid test
  • Daily Rebounder trampoline for lymphatic stimulation
  • Healthy lunch, fruit/veggie juices/smoothies, herbal teas
  • Full energy body massage with chakra sprays, oils, crystals, hot stones & cupping
  • Spine alignment massage with jade stone and far infrared for aches & pains & balancing meridians
  • Organic Canadian vulvic acid mineral foot soak bath
  • Spiritual & Life coaching how to lift & raise your vibration & frequency to attract abundance & balance physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually & financially

Investment from R3000 single and if more guests attend same time, it’s R2500 pp sharing