6 best doctors at our retreatGuests from all over the world have stayed with us from 2-21 days on specific wellness programs for a variety of reasons.

Our retreat offers the services of a range of holistic integrative medical doctors, psychologists, various therapists, homeopath, naturopath, councillors and life coaches, formulating your program specifically for you.

Our previous guests have had tremendous life changing benefits from learning how to meditate, to calm their minds, learning & applying EFT (negative emotional release techniques from the body) and TRE (releasing tension & trauma and anxiety from the brain & body).

Learn how to alkalize your body and prepare your food the “RAW” way, move your body and release stagnated energy via various exercise mediums, releasing old belief systems that does not serve you any longer, turning negative overwhelmed feelings into a deep sense of calm, inner peace and power.

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For more information: Call Debi on 072 846 1280, Or e-mail on debi@chichisretreats.com

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Please note that our retreat programs offers you the concept of “one -on -one” exclusive, private therapy and sessions and you will not be part of a group. It is very much for the individual that would like to be on a “silent” retreat to reflect within and do some soul searching. Learn to go “within”, how to meditate and develop the “voice” within, guiding you to find your life purpose and resolve your “issues”.

We offer retreat accommodation at our Stellenbosch branch, located at The Bellevue Manor Guesthouse on the R44/Strand Rd, between Somerset West and Stellenbosch. www.bellevuestellenbosch.co.za

You will be visited and guided daily by myself. Most of our therapists and psychologists will be commencing your therapy in the comfort of your room. The only time we will transport you is when we visit the medical doctor and the Virgin Active gymnasiums closest to your accommodation. No accommodation can offer you the high standard and variety of classes and facilities such as at the Virgin Active. In the past, we have found that it’s refreshing to venture out every other day from your accommodation and not to feel “stuck” there all the time, after dealing with all the therapy and psychology sessions.

Guests who stays an average of 3 weeks with us, usually arrange to go on a tour one day over the weekend to any of the exciting tourist destinations in the area. Our wellness programs are usually scheduled from Mondays to Fridays and weekends are at leisure. Check in with us, is usually best on a Sunday afternoon, to start the program on a Monday morning, but we are flexible.

Relaxing spa pamper treatments and packages for individuals or couples are usually popular over weekends. However if you would like to check in over a weekend for a wellness destress program, just mail us, and we can arrange it all for you.

The basic packages as listed below has had highly effective results on all levels with all of our guests in the past, checking in for broad-spectrum of issues such as weigh management, corporates stress management, divorce, insomnia, depression, couple’s therapy, addictions, finding their life purpose, dealing with grief, anger and resentment issues, stress, anxiety, trauma release and in general for just healthy good living and management thereof, learning new techniques, recipes and experiencing our heavenly spa pamper!

You may add on to this package by adding or request any additional treatments to individualize your package according to your needs: eg. colonics, physio, homeopathy, kinesiology, ozone sauna treatments, sleep clinic, outdoor and sightseeing activities, reiki, doctors, operations, workshops, personal trainers, art classes. We are surrounded by the most beautiful nature locations, in the heart of the Cape tourist destination and have superb doctors, facilities, therapies and treatments available in the area and often guests come to have operations done here from overseas, staying over and recovering at our facility. We can arrange just about anything you require, please mail us on debi@chichisretreats.com

STRESS, SICK & TIRED? we can help you heal with this holistic wellness retreat program!
  • We teach you the only body therapy in the world, which instantly releases the adrenalin and cortisol “charge” caused by trauma and constant stress, affecting your central nervous system and the limbic brain. When this charge does not get released, it usually causes lots of lower back, hip & knee pains, together with post traumatic stress symptoms, such as anger, addictions, insomnia, anxiety, depression and a general feeling of being “out of control” and ungroundedness. These techniques are also highly effective in balancing hormones, lowers high blood pressure, high cholesterol ,fibromyalgia, arthritis, stress and especially effective in slowing down the acidic cell growth to cancer patients, caused by additional stress and worry.
  • Learn how to release negative emotions and the “charge” behind it. Release anger, grief, resentment, jealousy, feelings of depression, anxiety, fears, procrastination, via a gentle acupressure tapping technique. It helps control emotional outbursts and enables one to “count till 10” before responding
  • Learn how to become more MINDFULL and meditate, finding your inner balance again to feel grounded in any situation. You cannot hear your “inner guidance/intuition” if you are are constantly in the presence of a “chitter-chatter, multitasking” mind, which is a product of our “rat-race” living these days.
  • Learn how to visualise God’s healing power into your body for healing and inner strength and a stronger connection to your creator, whilst cleansing out your body’s energy system. Hands on healing also available for healing.
  • Reprogram the unconscious mind with new believes about “self”. Let go of unconscious believes that does not serve you any longer by replacing it with dynamic positive self-worth, confidence & self-love and see how the world positively starts responding and changing around you as you start to change.
  • We teach you how to alkalize, building the body’s immune system via potent vitamin therapy, preparing daily green juices and superfood smoothies and learning healthier alternatives to gluten, sugar, dairy and wheat.
  • Learn more about how to get rid of toxins in the body, in and around the home and relationships.
  • After releasing trauma, stress, toxicity and boosting your body’s immune system, often people have a strong awakening to “self” and their creator and feels a true calling as to what their life purpose are, feeling energized, renewed and empowered again!
  • AMAZING OPTIONAL EXTRAS: BOOK Ozone sauna therapy, chiropractic bed and massages with each session at a special discounted price of R250, per session, when booked in conjunction with this program.

Learn these highly effective techniques in 6 x 90min sessions within a week as part of a wellness retreat program or for locals, split it up within 6 weekly visits or less, at a total investment of  R3000 (R2500 p.p. when 2 guests book this support program together at the same time)


When you are going through a challenging, traumatic and stressful time, the body’s immune system drops and often it triggers disease and discomfort within the body. The best way to detox the body on a cellular level is with the following treatments we offer you.

  • Hocatt CO2 Ozone Sauna Therapy, the best detox system in the world! read more: www.hocatt.com
  • Alkalizing veggie juicing
  • chiropractic acupuncture massage bed
  • colon cleanse

It is important to not just detox the body, but to remember to detox the emotions too with various emotional release techniques on a physical and spiritual level.

All of the above if of no good if you do not learn techniques how to DE-STRESS the mind and body and learn how to re-program the unconcious mind with new believes about self and the world around you.

As a child, you have learned habits and believes from your parents, siblings or others and it might not serve you specifically as an adult. Our actions as an adult is based on what we have been taught as a child. We need to access and see where you’re at in your life and simply re-program the unconcious mind with a new set of believes that will “serve” you. Let go of destructive, negative believes and thoughts about yourself and life in general. Most problems in adulthood stems from a believe that you are not worthy or loved enough on a much deeper level…which has been imprinted on your psyche without even realising it, and may have been “sabotaging” yourself in various forms or ways. These programmed “believes” sets the foundation of what’s currently going on in your life and what you allow to happen to you in the future and if you’d like to change your life for the better, we need to re-program these thought patterns. I will show you how, it’s very, very simple and everyone should be taught these techniques. You have to promise me that when i teach you this, you will go ahead and teach others that and this way, we’ll raise the awareness and help others together! True healing occurs when you turn your own “misery” into a blessing by serving and helping others, stemming from your own experience and thus having true compassion and empathy.

Meditations & healing visualisations

When have you ever just washed the dishes, and NOT think about everything else in this world currently going on? Have you ever washed a glass or cup or plate and REALLY REALLY looked at that glass or cup or plate and watched the soap bubble from the sponge onto the item while you clean it and just LIVE yourself into this very process at this VERY MOMENT….? It teaches us to be present in the NOW…this VERY MOMENT is the only moment that is REAL.

Research has proven that 80% of our thoughts are always about what will happen in the future and what happened in the past. The future is not secure and creates a lot of fear in people. These fearful thoughts leads to feelings of anxiety. Thoughts about the past, often is about what we did not do or do right or what happened to us, which is often negative and creates depression.

Practicing with such a simple exercise as washing the dishes CONCIOUSLY, will help you more and more to train the mind to let go of the future and the past and focus on the NOW. This technique has been reported by most of my clients that it somehow feels that they find that inner happy place much easier, the more they practice this technique of just simply reminding themselves wherever they are to be PRESENT in the very moment and not to let you mind wonder off to a surreal future or past and it’s worries. Once we’ve worked on re-programming your mind with a happier, more loving and positive programming, you will find that a wondering mind into the future and the past, focuses more on the happy experience and thoughts, creating more happy hormones.

NONE of the above will help if you are extremely STRESSED out. The more you stress, the more your immune system drops, and the more acidic your body becomes. You have to learn the mindful meditation techniques in combination with TRE tension and trauma releasing exercises on a daily basis to manage your stress levels and to release the buildup “charge” from you central nervous system/limbic brain, otherwise you will be going around like a mouse on a wheel. You have to work on removing the root cause of your discomfort or disease. We can show you how, it’s so simple and easy actually!