SaberMy job required constant traveling, and when I wasn’t traveling, business meetings and socializing in Dubai, would always be over breakfast, lunch and dinner in some gastronomically restaurant. I use to dine out every day, every meal. I can hardly remember any cooked (not even to mention RAW) meals at home and this had a lot to do with my medical deterioration in the end. I did not receive the essential raw, live, nutrition my body needed to sustain such an intense “on the go” lifestyle.

I have now learned how important it is to feed my body with good quality, pure, raw, live, alkalizing foods on a daily basis, which gave me back my energy levels and health…natural pure food is truly medicine from the Gods! I’m so, so, so truly grateful for this discovery and would love to share it with each and every guest.  During our retreat programs, we teach you how to incorporate more of this raw, pure living, into your lifestyle.

I have attended various raw food preparation training courses and have built up a range of green juices, super food smoothies and interesting raw food recipes.  Seriously, if you can just incorporate 10% of what we teach you at our retreat, you’ll be 50% better in 5 years’ time! Some of my guest pulls the funniest faces the first time they taste my green juices (myself included) but your palate changes and by the time you leave our retreat, you’ll really realize the benefit of introducing at least 10% of raw living into your lifestyle and the importance of alkalizing. I do 75% of raw living now and this is coming from a girl, who used to eat donuts, pizza and chocolate cake for breakfast!  However, I still love my steak and seafood every now and again.

Should you decide to stay with us, you do have the option of eating pure, raw vegan foods or adding animal products, it’s up to you. Each individual is unique and we aim to please, unless you’re on a strict specific program, instructed by the medical team.

Every morning at breakfast, we will demonstrate and teach you how to make your own greens smoothies and other raw dishes. After a few days, we will allow you to prepare this yourself. Once you return back home, you’ll have no excuse not knowing how to prepare these heavenly foods and you’ll be able to continue your program easily at home. This is a huge point I wanted to make during my wellness programs. All the other retreats I stayed at over the years, offered me the most amazing healthy cuisine but once I left, I had no clue how to prepare these for myself and thus returned back to my old habits much easier.

ALKALIZING, healthy living food demonstrations:
  • If you are faced with cancer, diabetes, aches and pains and weight issues, I will teach you how to make alkalizing green juices and superfood smoothies, and show you healthy natural alternative ways of preparing your foods when making your favorite treats, such as bread, pizza, pasta & chocolate.
  • We sell a range of equipment and recipe books for you to choose from at the best prices available in the market.

R350 per hour OR R250 when 2 guests or more book together, at the same time – Includes tastings