Our nr1 Best Seller DE-STRESS MASSAGE PACKAGE is a combination between the chiropractic bed massage and a 45minute aromatherapy body massage at a discounted combo price of R650 for 90min! p.p.

For a ROMANTIC COUPLES PACKAGE, add the following:

  • a candlelit mineral spa bath to your massages, with champagne and chocolates
    30min – R400 per couple
  • an AFRICOLOGY body scrub, wrap & mineral spa bath package:
    60min -R750 per person

Choose your wrap: detox, hydrating, water retention (safe for pregnant moms) Includes a drink & snack whilst inside spa bath & head & foot massage whilst wrapped.  




R4550 program only and R5950 including one night accommodation at www.bellevuestellenbosch.co.za

  • 2 day alkalizing veggie & fruit juices & superfood smoothies to boost immune system & cleanse
  • Colon cleans tablets, supplements, herbal teas
  • 2x chiropractic electronic massage with acupuncture (without needles) & far-infrared & visualization to balance energy, relax tightness & destress
  • 2x energy balancing massages
  • 2x hocatt ozone sauna capsule for rejuvenation, detox & super charge
  • 2x TRE tension & trauma releasing exercise sessions for stress release
  • 2x EFT negative emotional release tapping sessions
  • Daily rebounder medical trampoline
  • Evening movie –world’s nr1 motivational speaker for a positive mindset


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