We love that we are so blessed by the work that we so love to do. It enables us and makesĀ  us very happy when we help and support our favorite charity organizations, as mentioned below:

We invite the children from Cotlands to come play around our Bellevue pool area and run around and play on the lawns with the dogs, offering them snacks and drink.




safe house stellenboschWe salute Lee Rossouw from the Stellenbosch Safe House, where her and her team saves desperate women and children in need and offer housing and food, helping them build new lives, often escaping abusive and life threatening situations. We love to pamper these women and children at our properties and host them at our Bellevue property’s pool area for some relaxing time.








Untitled-1Hospice Helderberg has helped so many people I know of personally and we thank them for the wonderful work that they and all their volunteers do for our community. We have hosted their Christmas lunch before at our Bellevue property and would like to support them in any other way that we can by pampering the staff at our retreats and spa’s.





Senior citizen pamper and supportOur senior citizens in our communities are in dire need of some tender loving care and my team and I venture out once a month to clip toe nails and give heavenly foot massages and run their errands for them.

Chi-Chi’s spends an average of 5% of our profits made, to enable us to do the above charitable work.

So, we would like to humbly thank you for every booking you make with us, which enables us to see the beautiful smiley faces from our senior citizens, Helderberg hospice and Stellenbosch Safe house.







sponsoring de zalze golf estate prizesCHARITY PROMOTIONS:

In the past, we have sponsored golfing days at the De Zalze golf and wine estate and are willing to sponsor such prizes again for charities.

Please contact us on should you need any assistance and we shall try to help where we can.