Dear potential guest,

My name is Debi Rossouw, I’m in my glowing forties and grew up in Cape Town. I’m the founder and Managing Director of the “Chi-Chi’s Holistic Wellness Retreats & MindSpa Group”. I’ll walk you through each page on this website, explaining every aspect of our business and in the meantime, let me tell you a little bit more about how our “Chi-chi’s” story began:

I studied tourism and eventually found myself living and working for many years overseas, as a single, strong, independent woman, with my corporate head-office based in Dubai and representative offices all over the world. I had the world at my feet. I worked very hard and eventually suffered a severe burnout from the continuous stress from running an extremely demanding international business. Eventually I faced severe dis-ease and dis-comfort. I could not lift my arm out of my bed and was completely and utterly depleted and exhausted, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I visited the world’s best wellness retreats and spa’s, even if it was just for temporarily relief. I would feel fantastic whilst being pampered and relaxing at the exotic pools and beaches, sipping on cocktails, but as soon as I returned home, I’d find myself back to square one again; – stressed and burned out, totally out of balance, overwhelmed and not being able to function properly. I realised i needed to learn techniques and new habits i could take home with me and continue the program for the rest of my life and this is the essential core and mission of my wellness retreat programs today…teach people how to help themselves.

I eventually decided to relocate back home to Cape Town in 2004 and literally traded my stiletto’s in for gumboots. It took me years of frustration, visiting the one doctor after another with no profound results of what was wrong with me or any recovery. I was so depressed. One day, I realized I just had to help myself to heal. I took a holistic approach and discovered the power of natural foods and holistic therapies. I learned how to prepare green raw veggie juices and superfood smoothies, incorporating at least 75% natural raw life foods into my diet.Boy oh boy, what a shock it was to my system, always craving carbs, sugar and alcohol. Soon i started feeling energized and alive again and i knew this was the answer! The auto-immune disease i was eventually diagnosed with, is currently in remission and this has taught me to just take day by day and just have BALANCE in my life!

I learned techniques how to release build up negative emotions and how to release the built up adrenalin charge and cortisol stress hormones from my body. I learned how to meditate…how to de-stress and reprogrammed my unconcisous mind to new believes about myself and the world around me. I am worthy of the best life has to offer me and I’m truly loved! Positive affirmations was essential to my healing process….reprogramming my unconcious mind. I discovered TRE Tension & trauma releasing exercises, which release the build up long term trauma from all the years of corporate stress and childhood trauma, releasing pain from my body and certain post traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) together with releasing a lifetime of negative emotions stored in my mind and body. These are techniques I make use of daily and it has changed my life to a point where I feel a deep sense of calm and peace and inner strength, finally finding that inner happiness everyone always dreams about…without people or money….just ME!

Slowly but surely, my energy returned, and I received a second chance at life. After two years of not being able to work, I started this awesome business in 2006. I wanted to help anybody who I could, and let them know that there is HOPE and that they can help themselves heal with the tools and techniques that my team will teach them, just like I did. I’m incredibly passionate about my business, and I treat each guest, as if it was myself in desperate search of help and healing, years ago. I got to the root cause of my problems with the integrative medical doctors and holistic psychologists I met along the way and who’s now an integral part of my amazing wellness team at Chi-chi’s holistic wellness retreats & MindSpa Group located in Somerset West and Stellenbosch.

How I started my spa group: At one stage, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a situation where your body is in constant pain. I used to go for massages every week and eventually found out that the amount of money i was paying to go to spa’s could fund a full time masseus. So i started my first spa, with a qualified therapist who could massage me every day and started sharing her services to friends and family, the guests at our guesthouse and eventually to everyone in the area!

In the meantime i discovered the unique Hocatt Ozone CO2 Sauna capsule, which is the most soothing treatment for my fibromyalgia aches and pains, relieving stress. The more fat you have, the more toxicity you store in your body and the bigger your chances are to develop degenerative diseases and fatique. This Ozone Sauna is the best form of detoxing the body from build up toxicity from the food we eat, and the environment.

I just had to purchase a Hocatt CO2 Ozone capsule for our spas as an essential part of our detox and destress programs, so please come and join us for a few sessions of this amazing Hocatt CO2 Ozone Sauna Therapy, which will deeply relax your central nervous system and help with detox and healing, unlike any other therapy i’ve experienced before. It’s very popular amongst our cancer patients, corporates and epic sportsmen, detoxing and helping with renewed energy, whilst in the recovery process. After one session only, we saw a guest with diabetes who’s gangrene foot developing a red circulation ring around the wound….busy healing after just ONE treatment…no need for amputation….AMAZING!

We are so grateful to have had guests from all over the world stay with us and also returning every year. Their issues ranged anything from burned out corporates, divorce, death of a loved one, cancer, weight loss, finding life purpose, couples’ therapy, honeymooners for pure bliss and pampering, mother & daughter outings, best friends having “time-out”, wedding parties, motivation, etc, etc. Please do read our precious testimonials from these guest.

The word “chi” means energy in Chinese and because my journey was about “trying to recover my energy again”, I found it appropriate and ideal to name my business “Chi-Chi’s”…offering you a double dose of energy…cheers to that!

Our mission is to serve you from a point of unconditional love, with no judgement and pure intention, to the highest good of all involved, to genuinely help heal, teach, recover, assist and support you on this beautiful life journey.

We pray that you find what feeds your soul, that gives you true inner strength, peace and happiness and find the inner wisdom to live your true life purpose, as true and best you deserve to be!

We look forward to sharing this life journey with you, wishing you happiness, health and lots of amazing spa pamper!

In love and light,

Debi Rossouw

Founder & Operator